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Anthony John Gabriel – Composer for Greenwood Media Solutions 

Anthony was born in East Sussex in 1989. He spent his childhood in the UK and overseas, an experience which has been influential in shaping his own diverse tastes as a musician, composer, sound designer and producer.

He studied Guitar and Song-Writing for two years at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and has a B.A.(Hons) in Creative Music Technology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

In the UK he has been commissioned to compose music for TV series, documentary, short film, theatre production and advertising.  In the US he has written music and sound design for trailer music company, Methodic Doubt, and Create Advertising, both based in Los Angeles.  His music has been used in movie trailers for films by 20th Century Fox and Sony.  He has also composed for two award-winning London and Brighton-based Photographer/Motion Work Artists.

At the heart of Anthony’s practice is an appreciation of the exciting potential music has to take the listener on a journey, to communicate ideas and to enrich the visual and linguistic experience.

Anthony’s work is written and produced at his personal studio in Brighton, UK.


Recent Work


Trainer advertisement by award-winning Photographer Joseph Ford. Featuring an angry young croc! Music by Anthony John Gabriel.

Two Worlds trailer for the 20th Century Fox remake of the film Poltergeist (2015). Including Sound Design by Anthony John Gabriel.

TV series by Good Turn Productions. Presented by Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner-Webster. Broadcast on Community Channel. Music by Anthony John Gabriel.


Award-winning cinematic trailer company based in Los Angeles. Anthony has been composing music for Methodic Doubt since 2013. Music: The Last Frontier by Anthony John Gabriel.

TV documentary on Jungle Place, a spider monkey sanctuary in Mexico. Produced by Nutty Putty. Presented by Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner-Webster. Broadcast on Community Channel.

Short art film produced and directed by Ryan Chatfield. Music by Anthony John Gabriel.